DRIVERS are being warned to expect further delays on a main road near Hereford as work continues to update and improve electricity supplies. 

Since July 31, National Grid has been carrying out work on the A480, near the SAS camp. 

However, latest advanced warning signs are now up in Roman Road stating that the next set of works will start from mid September. 


Herefordshire Council's website says that it will take place by the Priory from September 11 to 15. However, the current work by the camp is set to contiue until September 18.

Two months' of work will then start along Roman Road from October 16 to December 27. 

This will include two-way traffic signals being put in place. 

The 11,000V cables are being laid from the Hereford North primary substation to the MoD’s Stirling Lines Camp.

They will enable the Credenhill base to adopt low-carbon technologies, such as solar panels and heat pumps, to meet net zero ambitions.

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