PEOPLE in Herefordshire are being invited to audition for a new TV show where you could win £250,000.

Launching on ITV1 and ITVX in 2024, The Fortune Hotel will feature 10 pairs of contestants who will be whisked to a luxury Caribbean resort where they could win £250,000. 

Hosted by Stephen Mangan, the contestants will be given an all-important briefcase, where inside one, is the huge jackpot in cash.


Eight other briefcases are empty, and one contains the dreaded Early Checkout Card – whichever pair is left holding that case at the end of each show will see their stay brought to a dramatic, premature end.

Every day, the contestants have the chance to try to uncover who has which case through playing compelling challenges, and as the “Whogotit” mystery ramps up for the hotel guests, viewers at home will remain in-the-know throughout, witness to all of their plans and strategies playing out.

The climax of each episode is the nerve-shredding case swap in the Lady Luck bar where each pair must decide whether to keep or swap their case. 

"This show has it all and I can’t wait to take up my post as the devilishly polite but mischievous manager of The Fortune Hotel," said Stephen.

"But be warned, once you’ve checked in, nothing is as it seem.”

You can adution for the show here.

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