I HAVE been in contact with Herefordshire Council recently to ask if I can leave side waste next to my full recycling wheelie bin on the appropriate collection day.

I received a phone call this morning from Herefordshire Council to say that I am not allowed to leave recycling side waste but I can leave cardboard tied up and no bigger than the proportions of the wheelie bin.

However, I was told I could have a larger recycling wheelie bin of 360 litre instead of the 240 litre I already have.

To enable my getting a larger recycling wheelie bin I would have to pay £19 for delivery!

How can Herefordshire Council justify this? Can anyone explain to me how Herefordshire Council justify this delivery charge and how have they arrived at this totally unreasonable amount?

What are your thoughts?

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If Herefordshire Council hadn’t made it so difficult to take items to the recycling centre, taking my additional recycling would be an option but the pre-booking system for visits to the recycling centre is not user friendly and is far too rigid a system to allow for spur-of-the-moment drop-offs of recycling and other rubbish.

Since we are being encouraged more and more to use recycling, the process should be made as easy as possible, as cheap as possible and not as obstructive as humanly possible!


When we all get our additional two wheelie bins later this year are we all going to be expected to pay for the extra bins that nobody has room for and can’t afford?

N Jeynes