IT is not just the location of the temporary library that discourages those wishing to use it (Letters, July 23).

At the start of the summer holidays, with children of all ages still needing to recover after the restrictions and disruptions of Covid, with adults unable to find the money to pay for many activities for themselves as well as their children, a good library is a priceless resource which any public authority should do its utmost to maximise.


Instead Herefordshire Council has made Herefordshire’s temporary but central library difficult to find and to access.

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The public display space is reduced to a single small room on the second floor. This space was so crowded I felt I had to follow other users around the shelves in a queue.

Library staff do their best to appear cheerful but what a dreadfully short-sighted, ill-judged arrangement for the council to make.

Worse still a fully worked up, costed and funded proposal to move the library to a permanent home in Maylord Orchards early next year has been cancelled whilst the new Cabinet considers scrapping the Maylords scheme in favour of the Shire Hall. This is foolish and petulant. Sadly, the temporary library may become permanent.