I COMMEND Gavin McEwan for his excellent reporting, for example the online article entitled Herefordshire’s head of children’s services: it’s being turned around following Ofsted’s monitoring visit.

Ofsted inspectors did not speak with families and their children during the monitoring visit. If they had, I am sure they would have said overwhelmingly that they have not benefited by the insignificant improvement to Herefordshire Children’s Services.

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Herefordshire’s head of children’s services Darryl Freeman claimed “recruitment and retention of staff is slowly moving in the right direction”.

He did not mention that there are still 60 social worker jobs in Herefordshire which the council is trying to fill.

Nor that no permanent social worker has been employed since the last monitoring visit months ago.


Numerous agency social workers mean detrimental frequent changes of social workers for children and families. Also, they cost the council much more than permanent staff.

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