By Bridie Adams

A HEREFORDSHIRE primary school has been praised by Ofsted – and the headteacher is delighted with the outcome.

Stephen Warrell, Weobley Primary School’s headteacher, said: “I am overjoyed with the report. It clearly demonstrates that the Ofsted inspector saw that leaders quickly identify any pupil who may need additional support, including pupils with disabilities.”

The recently published report said: “Pupils speak positively about the support they receive from staff. Pupils want to come to school because they enjoy learning, feel safe and are generally respectful and positive.”

Mr Warrell said that finding out how welcoming the children were to the inspector was no surprise, as this is a message he regularly hears when visitors come to the school.

The inspector, Stuart Clarkson, who carried out an ungraded inspection to ensure that the school remains ‘good’ also praised the teaching of knowledge and skills in all subjects.

Mr Clarkson wrote: “Leaders are ambitious for all pupils. Most pupils successfully achieve their academic potential. They also develop their emotional well-being and cultural knowledge. Most pupils are enthusiastic about learning in subject areas.


“Teachers have secure subject knowledge. Most teachers regularly check pupils understand what they must do in lessons. This means pupils avoid gaps in their knowledge.”

Mr Clarkson concluded that safeguarding arrangements were effective, and pupils knew how to report any concerns they had.

According to Ofsted, the school can improve by ensuring all teachers check if pupils understand what they must do in lessons. The report said: “This means that pupils do not always start or complete their work, which can lead to gaps in their knowledge. Leaders should ensure that all teachers regularly check that all pupils know what they have to do and address any gaps in their knowledge.

The inspector also said that some pupils miss too much school, which holds back their achievement.

This was the first ungraded inspection since Ofsted judged the school to be good in 2018. Ungraded inspections take place when Ofsted has judged a school to be good. In these cases, an inspector normally goes into the school about once every four years to confirm that the school remains good.