AN "EXTREMELY dangerous" obstacle was found on a footpath near Wigmore.

Wigmore Group Parish Council heard from a footpaths officer report that "extremely dangerous" barbed wire had been found stretched across a stile on a footpath in the area, recently published minutes reveal.

A short length of plastic tubing had been placed over the wire, which was found about six inches above the ground, the council heard.

"Apart from the fact that it is an obstacle across the footpath that should not be there, it is extremely dangerous and could cause serious injury to anyone attempting to cross over the wire," the report said. 

"The tubing is not affixed to the wire, so can easily slide along leaving the barbs on the wire exposed. It is also much too short for purpose and given the height it is above the ground it would be very easy to cut your inner leg when climbing across it and if unlucky severe an artery and bleed out very quickly.


"The barbed wire needs to be removed immediately."

The find has been reported to Herefordshire Council's Public Rights of Way department, the council heard.

But it is not the only issue recently found on a footpath in the county, with criticism levelled at Herefordshire Council's record of dealing with obstructions.

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In February, Dave Howerski, the south Herefordshire “correspondent” for the Open Spaces Society, said he had found that of 48 obstructed rights of way which the Golden Valley Walking Club notified to the council in the year to December, seven led to letters to the landowners responsible, two were considered “long-term obstructions” meaning no legal action was taken, and 36, or three-quarters, had not been inspected and received no action.

Mr Howerski said this was “totally unacceptable”.

A Herefordshire Council spokesperson said at the time that issues were prioritised to ensure the "extensive" public rights of way network is fit for purpose. 

“We value our working relationship with local communities and volunteers, and will make contact with the member of public and work through their specific concerns," they said.