By Bridie Adams

THE owners of a missing cat are urging other pet owners to take precautions to protect their animals.

Toto the cat has been missing since February 27, and the Buckley family, from Hereford, have spoken out about what others could do to ensure their pets’ safety.

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The Buckleys recommend ensuring you are registered with a 24-hour vet.

“I never realised our vet wasn’t 24-hour,” said Mrs Buckley. “Now, I worry that if Toto came home in the night and was hurt or injured, we’d have to drive all the way to Vets Now in Newport or Worcester, because you can’t take your pet to most 24-hour vets unless you’re registered with them.”

There are several vets offering out-of-hours services in Herefordshire, including the Brookfield, Hay and Holmer vets in Hereford, the Argus and Leadon Vale in Ledbury, the Minster and Marches in Leominster, and Chase View in Ross-on-Wye.

The Buckleys are also urging people who find injured pets to take them straight to a vet and claim for the costs through a charity.

To do this, you need to contact the charity, for example Dogs Trust or Cats Protection, and make a claim before going to the vet, not after.


“Once, I found an injured cat and took it to the vet. Thankfully, the vet told me I needed to get funding first, as if they had already started treatment, I wouldn’t be able to claim,” said Mrs Buckley.

“I’ve seen so many poor cats on social media that look like they’re dying, and the people who’ve found them haven’t even taken them to the vet. People need to make sure cats are looked after if they’re hurt.”

The RSPCA says: “If you find an injured cat and they’re approachable, contain them and take them to your local vet. If the cat just needs minimum care, you might be expected to fit a paper collar. Please contact your local animal shelter, an animal rescue charity such as Cats Protection, or our advice line.”