A HEREFORDSHIRE farming couple are celebrating 69 years of marriage after meeting at a village dance in 1954.

William and Vera Mason, residents of Kington Court Nursing Home in Herefordshire, celebrated their remarkable 69th wedding anniversary on June 16.

The couple married in 1954 at Elton Church, in a small village between Wigmore and Ludlow.

Their heart-warming journey began after a chance encounter at the Orleton Dance, held every Saturday in the village of Orleton, and led to a lifetime of farming, with the couple living on Wigmore Farm up until moving to Kington Court.


Mr and Mrs Mason share many treasured memories, including raising their son Brian, who joined them for their anniversary celebrations.

To commemorate the occasion, the staff at Kington Court arranged a romantic dinner for the couple in the lounge, complete with sparkling non-alcoholic wine and an impressive display of balloons.

When asked about their secret to an enduring marriage, Mr Mason said: “Stay quiet and never tell her she’s wrong!”.

Later, Mr Mason tearfully expressed his gratitude to the staff at Kington Court for their dedicated care and the efforts made to celebrate his and Mrs Mason's anniversary.