Herefordshire's new Conservative councillors must now work to “undo the damage” left by the previous administration, North Herefordshire MP Sir Bill Wiggin has said.

Last week's election to Herefordshire Council saw the Conservatives gain eight seats to become the largest party in Herefordshire with 21, six short of a majority on the 53-strong council.

“I know this result will be a relief to those who have grown frustrated with the decisions of the previous administration,” Sir Bill said, having visited the count in the Hereford Leisure Centre last Friday (May 5).

“For far too long the Independent-Green coalition have neglected our potholes, bypass, wasted our money and let down our children," he said.


“It will not be an easy task to undo the damage. However I am confident that the newly elected Conservative councillors can work together to start to form a brighter future for Herefordshire.”

Negotiations are ongoing between the parties on which will work with which to run the county following the inconclusive election result. The outcome is not expected to be known until later next week.

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