THERE has been another big loss in the election in Herefordshire this afternoon, as two cabinet members lose their seats.

Gemma Davies, Independents for Herefordshire’s cabinet member for assets, and previously Saxon Gate councillor, has lost her seat after relocating to the Old Gore ward.

Sitting Old Gore councillor Barry Durkin, of the Conservatives, held his seat with 524 votes to Davies' 372.

In Hampton Ward, John Harrington, cabinet member for transport and infrastructure, has also lost.

He was beaten by Local Conservatives candidate Bruce Baker, who took 545 votes to Harrington’s 420.


Mr Harrington said that the result is democracy and that people have voted for the person they wanted, and that it was not him.

“I’m sorry we split the vote and weren’t able to work more closely with the Liberal Democrats," he said.

He said that with Covid it has been difficult to get the projects the administration wanted to carry out off the ground, such as the eastern river crossing.

Ms Davies has been a leading figure in the most recent administration, but has had some difficult times in office.

Speaking last year, when she took some time away from council business due to the abuse she received, she said: "I personally have had threats against me, had private messages telling me to f*** off and die (lovely) plus countless others telling me how I’m not qualified to be a councillor."

Ms Davies said today that she was really proud of the fact that she had decided to leave the ward she was not living in and stand in the ward she does live in.

“I came second and I am really grateful for that,” she said.

But, she said, she feels it is “really sad” that the county appears to be returning to more party political ways.