A 24-HOUR tuckshop that showcases some of the best producers in the county has opened in the centre of Hereford.

Located in a unit next to Fox & Mabel at the Old Market, the Tuckshop has been set up by Sam and Jacob James, two brothers who are farmers from Bodenham.

The pair already have a selection of their popular Whole Moo World milk vending machines, including one at the Old Market; however they also wanted to promote other producers that puts Herefordshire on the map.


"Having started up vending machines, there is definitely growing interest, especially through Covid, and by working with local producers, we thought, was there any way we could get everyone together and give that local snapshot in the centre of the city?" said Sam.

Hereford Times: You can buy a scotch egg with black pudding at the tuckshop, situated in Hereford's Old MarketYou can buy a scotch egg with black pudding at the tuckshop, situated in Hereford's Old Market (Image: Rob Davies)

"We're a farming family but we've always enjoyed producing and getting it out to the local community. It's open 24/7 so people can come here whenever they want. You can park for free for 15 minutes, grab whatever you want and go.

"The produce will evolve to make it seasonal and engaging so people can realise what's produced on their doorstep."


The tuckshop, which is understood to be the only one of its kind in the country, has various sections, including sweets, a deli counter and snacks. There is also a coffee machine, with the brothers supplying the milk.

One business that has its prodcts there is Divine Donuts, based in Mortimer Road.

"I think it's brilliant that it promotes local businesses and puts them in one place," said owner Stacy Seabourne. 

"When I started as a small business I was worried how I could get it out there, but it's great that it's in the Old Market.

"I think during Covid, small businesses have grown in that people recognise them now. We did the home deliveries, which is how we started, and it just became bigger."

A promotional offer of £1 off all sandwiches will be available next week.