A ROAD could be narrowed in a Herefordshire village in a bid to slow drivers down after concerns were raised about an inadequate pavement and the danger to walkers posed by the volume, speed, and behaviour of drivers.

Options to tackle traffic problems were considered by councillors at Fownhope Parish Council's March meeting.

The two proposals both involved narrowing the busy B4224, which was closed for more than a year after heavy flood damage in 2020, draft minutes from the meeting revealed.

Hereford Times:

The first option presented to councillors would involve narrowing the road between Penrose Cottage and Lower House to 5.5 metres, widening the footpath to between 0.94 metres at its smallest point and 1.95 metres at the village bus stop.


Two-way traffic would be retained, with the restricted road width slowing down vehicles, the council heard.

The second option, raised by a local resident, focused on creating a narrowing scheme which would limit traffic speed by enforcing a one-lane priority system, with priority given to vehicles entering the village.

Hereford Times:

Councillors heard that there are limited places that the second scheme could be implemented, with concerns raised that it would cause traffic queues at peak times, increased emissions, and could see cars 'rushing for the gap' to try and avoid stopping or slowing down.

Expert input would be needed to assess the viability of both schemes, the minutes said, while a parish consultation would also need to take place.

The minutes showed that further information has been requested from Herefordshire Council.