BIG changes for Hereford are going to be bad changes for Hereford and it is all put out there just before the council elections.

To reduce traffic in the city we need a bypass, it’s that simple.

We are the only city or town on the A49 that doesn’t have a bypass. I live on the south side of the river and therefore need to cross the bridge to go to Leominster, Worcester or even the DIY stores etc in Hereford.


You can’t expect someone to buy something big from B&Q and get it home on the bus if they then have nearly a mile’s walk from the nearest bus stop to their home. All this council seems to think about is the city centre.

What about rural residents who need to get into the city?

Why don’t they ask the people what they want? The council is supposed to be there for the people, not to further its own ideals.



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