HEREFORDSHIRE Council’s plans for cancelling the bypass are catastrophic. The “New Bridge” is nearly 60 years old.

Closing the bridge for looming repairs would mean gridlock for Hereford and havoc for thousands of vehicles that use it daily. In 1966, Greyfriars Bridge cost £500,000 to build, equivalent to just under £12m today.

Herefordshire Council recently expended £1.1m on the arguably pointless St Owen Street cycle path.


The council’s “vision” appears to be a Utopian fantasy of people strolling across a “gateway space” at Eign Gate, where the dual carriageway is now, breathing in the pure Herefordshire air.

What will happen to the traffic?

One thing is clear; by closing most of the car parks and upping the charges on any remaining parking spaces, drivers will be discouraged from coming into the city centre.

Shoppers will not want to cycle into the city or traipse in by bus, and then return laden with shopping. Businesses will close.


The solution is in the answers to simple questions: who is using the roads, why are they there, where have they come from and where are they going?

Hereford can become an even greater place to live and work if we solve the problems we face today. A bypass for Hereford is vital. Like a heart bypass; without it, the heart of the city will surely die.


Allensmore, near Hereford

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