A PUB in Ross-on-Wye has reopened following a major refurbishment.

The Prince of Wales, situated on the outskirts of the town in Walford Road, has been taken over by Darren Jones and Iain Jackson after the pair bought the lease off Stonegate.

While on the market, Sprosen Ltd, who the agents who were offering the pub for a £15,000 leasehold, described it as a "handsome, detached public house" that has had £100,000 spent on upgrading the trade and private areas of the building.


"We already run the Castle Inn pub in Caldicot, so when we were offered it, we jumped at the chance and bought it on a five-year lease," said Darren.

"It's had a brand new refurbishment. Every bit of furniture is brand new and everything has been fully decorated.

"Our head chef, who is my business partner [Iain], will be providing top quality pub food and Sunday roasts. All the food is fresh and locally produced."

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Darren believes the Prince of Wales will provide something different in Ross.

"The feedback that we've received is that Ross needs something like it because there's nothing really around that fits the bill in terms of offering live entertainment, being family friendly and the bars," he said.

"People cannot believe the difference. We're looking at having kids parties, so will be a proper family-friendly pub."

The Prince of Wales is open from 12 noon until 10pm Monday to Thursday and from 12 noon until midnight from Friday to Sunday.