Now that the autumn season is in full swing with its accompanying storms and high winds etc, please beware that, should you be unfortunate enough to have a falling Herefordshire Council tree land on your car while driving in Herefordshire, the council will absolve themselves of all responsibility, citing a section 59 Defence which they take three months to “investigate”.

Apparently, engineers check the trees (my suspicion is that they didn’t do a very good job of checking the one that fell on top of me while driving from Mortimers across to Shobdon, causing thousands of pounds of damage to my vehicle).


I escaped unhurt but then faced very costly insurance excess premiums to have my car back following repair and I also face increased insurance premiums next year as the council turn their backs on such incidents happening in their county. 

Any inquest arising out of such an incident would be very interesting indeed.

So, drivers you have been warned that you will pay the price... perhaps the ultimate one!

Jan Thompson

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