A LONG-STANDING Herefordshire event has been cancelled as organisers said they don't have the time.

Shobdon Food Festival began in 2004 when organisers first came up with the idea of hosting a small food event as a fundraiser at Shobdon church.

The 2005 Shobdon Food Festival, based in the village near Leominster, was the first of 15 annual events, until the enforced pandemic break in 2020.

By 2012, it had outgrown its site at Shobdon church and teamed up with Shobdon Airfield to form the Shobdon Food and Flying Festival.


This unique association gave the event a new lease of life and began welcoming thousands of visitors from all over the country – some of whom literally flew in to visit every year.

Organisers said: "Sadly, after a lot of thought, the organising team have decided we are no longer able to give the Shobdon Food and Flying Festival the time and dedication it requires and so will not be organising another one.

"We know how much the event has been enjoyed over the years and we are sorry if this news comes as a disappointment."

Over the years, the team of volunteers has helped raise tens of thousands of pounds for mostly local charities and good causes while promoting the "little corner of the world", said a spokesperson for the festival.


"When we set out, our ethos was always to give local exhibitors an opportunity to showcase their skills and we were the first event of its kind in the area," they said.

"However, all good things must come to an end, and this feels like the right time."

Organisers have thanked everyone who has helped them along the way, including Herefordshire Aero Club, long-time event sponsor Glenn Jones at Pearl Lake Leisure Park and all the other local businesses who supported them.

The team would also like to thank all the exhibitors who stuck with the festival as other events began, as well as everyone who visited the event over the years.

"Most importantly, we would like to thank our incredible team of volunteers," said the spokesperson.

"Whether you did a few hours on the gate or in the Refreshment Marquee or got involved in whatever capacity - you helped us create something very special that we hope people will remember for a long time."

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