A HEREFORDSHIRE butcher that has been serving his town for over 40 years is preparing for the festive season as the Christmas orders start to roll in.

Paul Lewis, who owns Paul Lewis Butchers on High Street in Kington, is hopeful of another bumper Christmas, despite the current challenges facing the industry.

As well as the traditional turkeys, Mr Lewis will also be selling ducks, chickens, geese, gammon, sirloin steaks and rib roast ready for the festivities.

The recent outbreak of bird flu has affected supplies in some areas of the country, with some farms being forced out of business due to the culling of birds at such an important time of year for poultry farmers.


Mr Lewis said that his shop hadn't experienced a lack of supply and that he was ready to fulfil any orders in the run-up to Christmas.

He said: "We have been lucky in this corner of Herefordshire that our poultry suppliers haven't been affected by the bird flu outbreak that I know has been a problem in various areas of the country.

"We have had our normal stock of turkeys, chickens and ducks ready for our busiest time of the year and the orders are starting to build up ready for the season."


Mr Lewis said that while wholesale prices for turkeys have gone up slightly, so he has not had to pass on any major increases to his customers.

He said: "Sales are on a par with the last few years and the shop is doing well.

"The orders are starting to come in thick and fast and I am hopeful that the Christmas period will be a good one."

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