POLICE in a Herefordshire town have put out patrols after reports of drug dealing.

Leominster Safer Neighbourhood Team has had officers in Leominster Cemetery to make sure members of the public were aware of drug dealing.

"At this time we are gathering intelligence for drug dealing within specific areas in Leominster, and at this current stage cannot comment any further due to ongoing investigations," said a spokesperson.


Between July and September police recorded nine drug related crimes.

Anyone caught taking, carrying, making, selling, dealing, or sharing drugs can face penalties ranging from fines to prison sentences, according to Gov.uk.

The penalties depend on the type of drug or substance, the amount you have, and whether you are also dealing or producing it.

Drug dealers can face a maximum sentence of life in prison for supply and production of class A drugs; crack cocaine, cocaine, ecstasy (MDMA), heroin, LSD, magic mushrooms, methadone, and methamphetamine (crystal meth).

Officers are asking anyone who witnesses suspicious behaviour in Leominster Cemetery or elsewhere in the town to contact them on 101.