SURVIVORS of domestic abuse from Herefordshire have spoken out about their traumatic experiences.

Charities Mothers Union and Womens Aid will once more be meeting to stand in solidarity with sufferers from domestic violence on November 26.

The No More 1 in 3 initiative will highlight the appalling statistic of women experiencing this crime in their own homes.

A group will meet outside the West Door of Hereford Cathedral where a minute's silence will be held at 1.03pm to remember the victims.


"Last year we were privileged to hear a first-hand account from a woman who finally left her problem after 12 years of misery," said a spokesperson from the Mothers Union.

"We pray this will make a difference to many women in her situation."

We are not using real names to protect their identities.

Other stories will be shared over the next couple of weeks.

Emily's story

Emily had lived and created a great life for herself before the abuse but ended up having to leave it all behind.


She lost her home, car, belongings, career, self-worth, and dignity, she said.

"I even physically lost my voice because of the trauma I'd experienced," said Emily.

When Emily left, she had no money to support herself or her child because her abuser had all financial control.

"There were days in the beginning of leaving when I stood in the housing line with my two-year-old, wondering if I was going to be able to provide a meal for us that day," she said.

"My pride was on the floor, and I felt like a charity case. I didn't want to be a burden to anyone."

Through abuse, she became isolated from people and withdrawn from life.

"I was a shadow of myself and had almost lost my faith in humanity. After reaching rock bottom, I started to rebuild my life away from my ex-partner," she said.

She gained the support of Women's Aid, an independent domestic violence advisor and a few close family and friends along the way.

"Having these services and people around me were invaluable and helped so much," she said.

"Rebuilding myself after such a disempowering situation has been the toughest but most rewarding journey, I think I will ever have to go through."