POLICE have issued a warning to people living in Hereford not to open their doors as they investigate a man calling at different houses.

West Mercia Police said it was "keen" to speak to anyone who had had any contact with a man pretending to be from BT.

LATEST UPDATE: Police give update after warning people in Hereford not to answer their doors

Officers said it had received calls from members of the public in the Newton Farm and Belmont areas about a man calling at addresses.


They said he is claiming to be from BT and needed to check internet speeds, but police don't think he is genuinely working for BT.

As a result, they are keen to speak to anyone who may have had any contact with him.

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Anyone with information has been asked to call police on 101, quoting reference 00522_i_25102022.

Sharing more information on social media, officers told people not to open the door if you are not expecting or do not recognise the person.


If people do open the door, always use a door chain or bar and carefully check the caller's identify, they said.

"If in doubt, keep them out," they added.