POLICE have put CCTV in place along the river paths in Hereford after a series of sex attacks.

Herefordshire Council put temporary cameras along the river paths after five sex attacks took place in different parts of the city.

Five people were arrested in connection with the five sexual assaults in the three weeks from July 31.

Four were released on bail, and one was released without charge, West Mercia Police said.


Police have had officers on foot patrols in the areas the crime took place.

The Safer Streets project will result in an increase of 34 CCTV cameras, some of which are in the Bishops Meadow area.

The Herefordshire Community Safety Partnership's Safer Streets activity, funded by the Home Office, will be providing training, programs, and funding for the county.

Funding was also provided for 40 CCTV cameras in areas identified by women and girls identified in a survey as being places they felt nervous.


These locations will also see landscaping and lighting improvements where needed.

The campaign will also provide support for local charity Vennture, who received funding for a van fitted with mobile CCTV. This van patrols, with trained volunteers in pairs, to help women and girls get home safely.

Vennture also recently announced it will have volunteer patrolling the areas looking out for those who may need their help. This has already relieved some strain from the police.