A PICTURE posted on facebook page We Grew Up in Hereford has provoked memories of trips with a city scout group.

The photograph, provided by David Lloyd, shows the 6th Hereford boy scouts and their scoutmasters, about to set off on a trip to the Channel Islands.

The group were captured by a photographer from the Hereford Times, before their departure from their headquarters at Bridge Street Methodist Church in the summer of 1960.

The scouts went on to fly to Castel in Guernsey in a DC3 aircraft from Staverton after their bus trip in the Yeomans number 3 bus.

Destinations such the Channel Islands, Dublin and the Isle of Man were serviced by scheduled flights from the Gloucestershire RAF base, operated by regional airliners including the DC3, Herald and Viscount.


Michael Watkins remembers the trip well.

He said that he recalls having to stop at Bournemouth airport on the way home to check everyone back through customs as their weren't any at Staverton.

Hazel Tyrell sees her husband Robert in the photograph and she said that he has recounted the story not only to her, but to their three children and three grandchildren aswell.

The photograph also brought back memories for Amanda Davies of her trips to the Channel Islands with the Weobley Guides.

She said the group used to go to Guernsey regularly.

When there, they would camp at La Bailloterie with their leader Miss Hope.

Even though her guide group did a similar trip, Ms Davies said the group's journey wasn't quite so fancy.

She said about the scouts flight to Guernsey: "Blimey, flying? We went by the old, slow, roll on, roll off ferry.

"I remember getting to Weymouth once and a man with a flag stopped the bus as it was arriving at the port."

According to Malcolm Cross, funds raised by numerous jumble sales and fundraisers resulting in it costing the families only £5 each for the trip.

He said: "I remember we all sat on the grass on the side of the runway waiting for the plane to land. Those were the days."