Members of We Grew Up in Hereford have been remembering the parties in the College area of the city to celebrate the Queen's coronation in 1953.

The picture, contributed by reader Paul Bryan Farr, shows families coming together for the College Road coronation party.

The area has a long tradition of street parties and events that have lasted to this day.

Mr Farr's uncle Ernest Hunt (who later went on to become Mayor of Hereford) can be seen in the middle of the picture.

Members of the group who were babies and young children at the time of the photograph have vivid memories of the day, including Lorraine Fraser who remembers sitting at the table wearing a red. white and blue bow in her hair, and Martin Parry who was 6 at the time, can see himself in the photograph with his mum towards the back of the group.

Herefordshire celebrated the coronation with a week's worth of events, with every town and village taking part.

The community came together to stage street parties, carnivals and colourful pageants in a mass show of support to Queen Elizabeth II.

Hereford's celebrations began on Coronation Sunday, May 31, when a 'Divine Service' at the Cathedral was followed by a civic parade around the city.

The day of the Coronation itself was by far the most popular with crowds flooding the city to view the organised events.

On the Castle Green, a Royal Salute of 21 guns by the Boys' Regiment, Royal Artillery, got things underway at 10.26am - the exact moment the Queen left Buckingham Palace.

More than 6,000 people also descended on the football ground at Edgar Street, to watch a grand military tournament organised by the Old Contemptibles Association.

These celebrations were replicated all across the city, including huge gatherings both in Hunderton and near the scout hut in Park Street in Bartonsham.

A week of festivities in the city came to a close on June 6 when the city's schools held an afternoon Coronation Fair on the Castle Green before renowned conductor and former Hereford Cathedral choirmaster Meredith Davies closed the proceedings by conducting a Coronation concert at the Shirehall in the evening.