A MAN living in a Herefordshire town is concerned over potential car crashes McDonald’s new restaurant could cause.

McDonald’s revived its plan for a new restaurant located to the east of the A40, adjacent to the Over Ross Roundabout with the A449, to the north of Ross-on-Wye.

The new application was submitted on July 28 and so far, the planning application has 11 objections, which is far less than the 221 it received on the last.

It also has 29 submissions of support, the previous application had 97 – but there is a backlog of representations, with hundreds more due to be uploaded to the Herefordshire Council website in the coming days.


People living in the neighbouring housing estate St Mary’s Garden Village submitted objections to the previous application over concerns the entrance would cause issues of noise, traffic, pollution, and safety issues, as it went through the housing estate.

Luke Jones, of Ross-on-Wye, said despite the numerous changes in the resubmitted plans there has seemed to be little consideration to the entrance as it is still in the same place.

When the development is completed, he believes he will be charged to maintain it and this includes the roads within it, he said.

“We regularly see queuing traffic to the label’s roundabout from our front room window and this will only drastically increase with a McDonald’s,” said Mr Jones.

“This backflow of traffic will continue around the roundabout and back into the estate.”


Mr Jones said he has already witnessed accidents on the A40 outside of the purposed McDonald’s and more traffic will only increase this risk.

“I strongly object to this application and this shows very little consideration to the residents of St Mary’s Garden Village and the access to McDonalds,” he said.

The new application, for a new freestanding restaurant with drive-thru, car parking, landscaping, and associated works, including customer order displays, goal post height restrictor, play frame and pumping station, shows the site will be bigger than the previous plans showed.

This is to allow for future development to use the space for more building and more green space between the houses and McDonald’s.

The consultation end date for the application P222314/F until was yesterday (August 31).

The target date for a decision from planners for the application is Wednesday, September 7.