A DAD is becoming increasingly fed up with lorries blocking the door to his home in Herefordshire, leaving him unable to get a pushchair by.

Jamie Briggs, 35, said for five years he has regularly had Co-op lorries blocking the door as they deliver to the back of the High Street shop in Bromyard.

He said he has been repeatedly asking the shop to tell delivery drivers to leave enough room so the family can get in and out of the house in Rowberry Street.


Mr Briggs, who runs his own business building race cars, said some drivers are great and others not so much, but all he wants is for the lorries to leave a little more room to allow him to get by with a pushchair.

But after battling the problems with lorries for five years, now he has a one-year-old child with his girlfriend, he said it is "now becoming a right pain in the arse".


"The staff are not listening and head office are now ignoring our emails," he said.

"I’m not asking for anything more then the driver leave a tiny bit more room so we can get a pushchair out, I don’t feel I’m asking for a lot."

The Hereford Times asked Co-op for comment, but it did not respond.