A GROUP is holding a vigil in solidarity of rape and sexual abuse victims after recent reports of attacks in Hereford.

Herefordshire Women’s Equality Group have been deeply concerned by the recent reports of sexual assaults close to the river in Hereford.

Two rapes, one indecent exposure and one sexual assault have been reported in the last three weeks near the river in Hereford.

The group’s organised vigil will take place on Friday (August 19) to show solidarity with the victims and all of those impacted by news of these assaults.


People are asked to meet south side of the Victoria Bridge, Hereford, at 7.30pm and the vigil end at 8pm.

For those making their way to the vigil with others, organisers say park at the swimming pool for 7pm.

“We believe that we should all be free to live without fear of sexual violence in any form, whether that’s in a public place, at work, at school or in our homes,” said the spokesperson.


If you would like more information about the vigil or the group, contact womensequalitygroup@gmail.com

“Join us to show your support for those who have been impacted by these crimes and all affected by sexual violence whether that be in a public place, at work or school or at home,” said a spokesperson.