A HEREFORDSHIRE man who specialises in self protection is to offer free advice and guidance to the people of the county in the wake of several sexual attacks in Hereford.

Mick Hawkes, who lives in Winforton, near Hay-on-Wye, has spent the last 22 years in corporate security after a career in the military.

He runs presentations on rape awareness and protection, and is looking to offer this for no charge to anyone in the county who feels vulnerable after the recent attacks.

There have been three separate incidents on the riverside path in Hereford in the past three weeks, one near to Hunderton Bridge, a second between the Old Bridge and the Victoria Footbridge and last Friday's attack between Hinton Road and the King George V Playing Fields.


The presentations concentrate on defining sexual violence, security, situational awareness, vulnerability, and self-defence.

His aim is to heighten the awareness of young females of the threat posed by criminals and rapists on the streets and to help increase people's understanding of the measures available to counter that threat.

Mr Hawkes has lobbied parliament to get situational awareness taught in every school in the county and believes it is important for young men and women to grow up with the necessary tools to help prevent dangerous situations.

He wants people to be aware that there is help out there after the series of assaults in the city.

Mr Hawkes said: "This is not about teaching people how to fight back when attacked, this is about helping people avoid getting themselves into a situation in the first place, whether they be male or female."

Despite working abroad for the past 22 years, Herefordshire is very much Mr Hawkes' home and he feels compelled to help in any way that he can.

"I certainly feel like I need to try help people in the county that I call home," he said.

"I would hate to think that nothing is being done."