I know that the problem with timed visits to the various recycling centres rumbles on and on but there needs to be some give and take with different situations.

The present system is now not fit for purpose and is an unjust system when the public are willing to recycle their rubbish.


The system was rushed in as an emergency measure and now needs some flexibility built in to allow for the changing times. 

I am about to embark on a project in my garden to dismantle a larger wooden arbour which has seen better days.

I am more than happy to take the wood bit by bit to the recycling centre and I know that its going to take more than my four allotted trips per fortnight and believe it will take the best part of 10 trips plus some.


I contacted Herefordshire Council to ascertain if there was a way I could have more than four trips to enable me to get rid of waste wood over several days.

I was told I could only use my four allotted visits in a fortnight and if I wanted to recycle more of the waste wood then perhaps I should pay a private contractor to take the remainder.

Why should I pay some private contractor when I already pay my council tax and I am more than happy to make several trips with my waste and would like to clear it all over a few days rather than fortnight by fortnight four appointments at a time.

It is ridiculous that there is no flexibility in the booking system especially since I have never seen the recycling centre in Leominster packed out and have never had to queue or wait to empty my car of the recycling.

This whole Dickensian system of booking time slots is now not fit for purpose and some flexibility needs to be built into the system to enable people like myself to dispose of my waste when it’s convenient for me.

I am not talking van loads of recycling but I am talking six or seven car loads at my additional cost and time.


What are your thoughts?

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