I HAVE been reading with interest the M&M proposed planning application via British Land – a very lucrative and powerful company whose trading profit in 2022 was £930 million but which appears to have done little to promote the interests of the city.

To move a company from a neighbouring market town and use the planning procedure to procure free parking for its employees is clearly underhand and undemocratic.

How about all the other businesses who would like the same for their staff?


In fact, both Mark Hubbard and I argued that any future or additional car parking facilities should be discussed by council and the proceeds be for the benefit of the city and the council coffers.

It appears that British Land is ignoring the goose that laid the golden egg.

The council needs a home, as does the staff and diverse departments that serve this city and county.

They are far more deserving of an office and a parking place than a private retail business that serves itself, its shareholders and is in cahoots with a wealthy organisation that is attempting to ride rough shod over the planning procedures of Herefordshire.



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