A HEREFORDSHIRE GP surgery is changing the way patients book appointments to tackle the 8am rush on telephone lines.

Ledbury Health Partnership, in the town's Market Street, said under its old system, all available GP appointments were reserved for the same day a patient called.

But this caused issues as phone lines were engaged and patients could not book and plan ahead.

But the new system will see a proportion of GP telephone appointments that can be booked in advance.

Then, if a doctor feels that a patient needs to be seen, then face-to-face appointments can be booked by prior arrangement with the them.


The surgery also said whoever a patient sees about a new issue, then they should continue to see that person, as opposed to their GP, to improve continuity of care.

"As there will be appointments available to pre-book, and with the move away from being directed to your own GP, you will no longer need to call at 8am to get booked on a particular GP's phone list.

"You can call at any time throughout the day as appointments will become free to book on an ongoing basis.

"We expect this change to be popular so you may find that there is a wait for a pre-book appointment."


The surgery currently has reduced capacity as Dr Mar Wall and Dr Lauren Smith have both left.

But the surgery said Dr Amy Wilkins will be joining in September and Dr Sam Cockayne increasing the number of days she works.