A PUB landlord has branded Herefordshire Council as 'irresponsible timewasters' over a planned road closure.

The C1206 in Michaelchurch Escley will shut from August 3 for three weeks 24 hours a day for the installation of new drainage.

The detour will be over six miles long around the village.

Rupert Marlow, of Michaelchurch, said this will affect the area, including local pubs.

"This will have disastrous consequences for those local business's dependent on the summer tourist trade, such as the Bridge Inn in Michaelchurch and the Bull's Head in Craswall," said Mr Marlow.

Hereford Times: C1206 in Michaelchurch Escley Picture: Herefordshire HighwaysC1206 in Michaelchurch Escley Picture: Herefordshire Highways


The diversion takes you down slow, narrow lanes, and so the road closure will effectively cut these businesses off from large parts of the county, he said.

"They are struggling enough as it is, but to deprive them of business during their most crucial month of the year seems particularly inept.

"Given that the roadwork is not urgent, surely it can be scheduled for some other time."

Landlord of Bridge Inn Mickey Provis said the pub has had a lot of bad luck over the year including Covid, a devastating fire that wiped out their camping facilities and now the economy.

This road closure will now be detrimental as it is in place at a busy time of the year and the pub will lose a lot of business, said Mr Provis.

Several of his friends and acquaintances have contacted Herefordshire Council with concerns over the road closure but have been met with unhelpful replies.

"Herefordshire Council is a bunch of irresponsible timewasters," he said.


Hereford Times: Bull's Head, Craswall. Picture: Wild By NatureBull's Head, Craswall. Picture: Wild By Nature

The Bull's Head, in Craswall, will also be affected by the road closure.

Owner of the pub Jake Townley said as a rural hospitality business this time of year is crucial to build a financial reserve that sees us through the quieter winter months.

"This is especially poignant given the challenges that our industry is facing at the moment," he said.

"Any disruption to normal trading conditions should be avoided wherever possible."