A MOTORCYCLIST has spoken about a crash on a Herefordshire road that led to him being airlifted to hospital.

Matthew Hiscox, from Kidderminster, was out for a weekend ride with his dad Mike, travelling up the A449 between Ledbury and Malvern when he was hit by a car turning out of the junction with the B4218 at Colwall.

Mr Hiscox said that it had been a completely ordinary day out riding with his dad.

He said: "My dad and I would often go out for rides through Herefordshire starting out through Bromyard, stopping off at Dom's Biker Bar in Leominster, before heading back to Worcestershire through Hereford, Ledbury and Malvern.


"The assumption always is with bikes that it's your fault when you have an accident but my dad and other witnesses told me that there was nothing I could have done.

"I was just getting ready for the hill when the car that had been waiting at the junction drove out unexpectedly.

"The next thing I remember was waking up in hospital. It was lucky I wasn't travelling any faster."

Mr Hiscox was taken by air ambulance to Hereford County Hospital for emergency treatment.

He had broken the atlas bone at the top of his spine, and has begun extensive rehabilitation work.

Mr Hiscox said that his dad had been deeply affected by the crash.

He said: "It was worse for dad having to watch it happen from behind and not being able to stop it.

"I don't remember saying this but he says that I asked him whether I was going to die or not while I was waiting for the air ambulance to arrive.

"He has told me he will never ride again after seeing it."

With summer heating up, Mr Hiscox has noticed more than ever that more and more bikers are riding without full leathers and protection.

He said he can't emphasise enough how important protective clothing is after the crash on Saturday, June 11.

He said: "I've always worn full leathers and helmet whatever the weather, and when I see anyone out on a motorbike without one, it makes me feel really uneasy.

"If there is any advice I can pass on it is to wear all the protective clothing you can while you're out on your bike. Without it, I wouldn't be here now, I'm almost sure of that."

Mr Hiscox said the crash has given him a newfound perspective on life.

He said: "The accident has definitely made me appreciate every day. I can't work at the moment due to my injuries and I've got a long road of rehab ahead but I'm remaining positive.

"I'm just ecstatic to still be here, to be honest. I could have ended up paralysed or could easily not have made it through.

"I feel like someone was watching over me that day."