A HEREFORDSHIRE farmer has spoken out after cattle escaped from farmland onto the highway.

Police closed the Rotherwas Relief Road in Hereford on Saturday when a cow and calf strayed from their field.

Dave Greenow, who farms on the land adjacent to the road, said that the incident was the result of people failing to close gates behind them when walking across the land.

He explains that this was far from an isolated incident.

He said: "I've almost lost count it's happened so much this past year. It is at least a dozen times in the past 12 months.


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"It's dangerous for the animals and dangerous for motorists aswell.

"Most of the time, I manage to stop my sheep and cows getting out into the road or manage to herd them back before the police have to shut the road but it's not always possible.

"One day it could cause a major accident, people need to be aware of this."

Mr Greenow is a founder member of the newly set up British Farming Union.

The union looks to get a fair deal for members and to promote British farming, with the goal of a productive and profitable industry.

At meetings Mr Greenow shares stories with others about the rise of anti-social behaviour and theft around farmland in the county and beyond.

"Obviously there has been a few instances of field fires and the like in the last month or two with the hot weather.

"I've also had instances of teenagers riding on motorbikes through the fields chucking stones and farming equipment going missing."

"Theft has become a massive issue, more so than ever and it has a massive effect on the farming community."

"Some people need to respect the countryside more."