PEOPLE of the Lyonshall area might be quite surprised to read of Kinsey Hern’s declaration that his proposed new development would “complement the history of the area”.

Hang on for a moment, they might say.

You own a once lovely, grade-two listed pub in the village, which over the last eight years under your ownership has slid into what in my opinion is a state of semi-dereliction.

The rear section has been demolished and replaced with a great, concrete-lined hole reminiscent of a World War II military bunker... but perhaps that is just an historical gesture?

Meanwhile, part of Herefordshire’s history is threatened, as well as a traditional hub for the whole community.


Many Lyonshall residents might question whether the proposed three to five-bedroom properties would really fill a local need.

Would any of them be affordable?

This is clearly a speculative scheme designed to attract well-off buyers from anywhere.

History is an irrelevance, it’s business.


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