BIN collections in Herefordshire will be made earlier than usual as potentially record-breaking temperatures hit the county.

Herefordshire Council said that due to the extreme weather warnings issued by the Met Office for July 18 to 20 July 20, collections will be starting an hour earlier.

"If your collection is due on one of these days, please put your recycling or rubbish out either the night before or by 5.30am as collection times will be earlier than normal," the council said.

"This is only a temporary change for the dates stated. We apologise in advance if we disturb you by making collections a little earlier."


A Met Office amber warning for hot weather has been issued for Herefordshire.

The warning will come into force and remain in place until Tuesday.

Forecasters said temperatures will rise again this weekend, most likely peaking on Monday or Tuesday, then most probably declining thereafter.

Some exceptionally high temperatures are possible both by day and by night, with highs of 30°C forecast on Sunday, 36°C on Monday, and 37°C on Tuesday in Herefordshire.