I HAVE just received an e-mail from Herefordshire Electoral Services, instructing, not asking, me to complete a canvass.

Is this how public servants should be writing to members of the public?

I have written to the electoral roll officer pointing out that although she may have the law on her side, the wording used smacks of a system of local government that believes the people are its servants, rather than the other way round.


I have suggested to her that this is a very dangerous mindset to adopt, and one which will accelerate the breakdown of social cohesion.

It is possible for the officer to be compliant with the law by using wording that does not imply a master/servant relationship between the council and citizens.

If any other of your readers are similar incensed, or just plain concerned about this increasing authoritarianism, maybe they will also care to write to electoral services and their councillors?

Staunton on Arrow

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