A HEREFORD stalker has been banned from contacting a woman or going near her home by a court.

Shane Jenkins was handed to a stalking protection order by magistrates in Hereford on June 28.

The court heard he had carried out multiple acts associated with stalking and that there was reasonable cause to believe that the order was necessary to protect another person.

Jenkins, of Frederick Avenue, Hereford, was handed a five-year stalking protection order which requires him to delete any contact numbers for the victim and delete her from his social media.


He must present any electronic device, social media accounts, and messaging services to police on request for examination.

He is also banned from contacting the victim and two other people directly or indirectly, coming within 20 metres of the victim, following or monitoring her movement, loitering or persistently driving past a property in Hereford, and interfering with the victim's property.