A FOOTBALL fan kicked a police officer in the groin after officers were called to a fight in a Hereford street.

Jack Donald William Haines admitted assaulting a police officer by beating and being drunk and disorderly when he appeared before magistrates in Hereford.

Police were called to Yazor Road just after midnight on May 15, where they found Haines and another man fighting in the street, prosecutor Mark Hambling said.

They were stumbling across the road and clearly drunk, the officers said.

Haines was told to go home but refused, and was arrested for being drunk and disorderly.

But as he was cuffed, Haines, who was previously convicted for assaulting a police officer in 2020, kicked a police officer in the groin.

In interview, Haines said he could not remember what had happened after he left the pub that evening and that he felt like an idiot.


Emma Thorne, for Haines, said the 25-year-old had gone to The Grandstand pub to watch the football with friends that day, and had started drinking at about 2pm.

He had drunk around 10 pints of Stella when he left the pub, the court heard.

"He has very little memory of leaving and walking home," Mrs Thorne said.

"He accepts what his friends tell him, which is that there was an argument, and he apologises for his actions. He is ashamed to be here"

Mrs Thorne said Balfour Beatty subcontractor Haines does not go out or drink very often and that he was still grieving the loss of his father.

Haines, who is of Sheridan Road, Hereford, was fined £666 and must pay compensation of £100 and a £135 victim surcharge.