POLICE have been cracking down on drivers speeding through a Herefordshire village.

PSCO Christina Howard said West Mercia Police had been in Tarrington, carrying out speed enforcement and road safety patrols this week.

A speed gun was used to check on driver's speed on the A438 through the village, between Hereford and Ledbury.


PSCO Howard said that all vehicles were noted to be driving within the 30mph limit.

"SNT and the Roads Policing Team will continue to monitor this going forward and will be in the area again very soon", she said.

Tarrington Parish Council had previously talked about drivers' speed through the village.

In the minutes for the meeting held on January 10, parish councillor John Tallis reported on the village's road safety plan for the village.

Councillors Gillian Board, Jakki Cunningham, Robert Hodges, Robin Hodgson, and Ian Howard discussed the points raised.

This included the installation of a second Speed Indicator Device (SID), gates, and dragon's teeth hazard road markings at either end of the village borders.

These are triangular road marking to the edge of the carriageway often used at gateways to give the effect of road narrowing.

The teeth are laid in pairs either side of the carriageway or a lane.

The meeting also proposed countdown markers leading to the 30mph zone on the A438 Hereford to Ledbury Road to slow traffic down prior to reaching the centre of the village.