PETROL prices in Hereford continue to rise, changing where drivers can find the cheapest fuel in the city.

The average price of a litre of petrol at UK forecourts on Tuesday was 170.4p, according to data firm Experian Catalist.

Diesel also reached a record high of 181.4p per litre.

Petrol has become around 41p per litre more expensive over the past 12 months, adding around £23 to the cost of filling a typical 55-litre family car.


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Most petrol stations in Hereford have kept diesel prices the same, but all have changed the price of petrol in the last five days.

Asda petrol price has remained the cheapest since fuel prices began to rise, but this week it has raised its petrol price by 5p and diesel by 4p.

This means Hinton Service Station has become the cheapest petrol station in Hereford with a petrol price of 164.8p and diesel at 176.8p.

The biggest rise is at Co-op in Holmer Road, where petrol now costs 6p a litre more than it did last week.

BP, in The Straight Mile, in Rotherwas, has remained one of the most expensive for some weeks and today (May 31) it has increased its petrol price again by 4p.


Shell, in Whitecross Road, which was the most expensive last week, dropped its petrol price by 8p.

Here is a list of the cheapest places to fill up the car in the city, according to petrol price per litre (correct as of Tuesday, May 31):

1. Hinton Service Station, Ross Road: 164.8p unleaded, 176.8p diesel

2. Sainsbury’s, Barton Yard: 164.9p unleaded, 174.9p diesel

3. Asda, Belmont Road: 167.7p unleaded, 177.7p diesel 

4. Tesco, Belmont: 167.9p unleaded, 176.9p diesel

5. Esso, Ledbury Road: 171.9p unleaded, 177.9p diesel 

6. Texaco, Ledbury Road: 171.9p unleaded, 179.9p diesel

7. Shell, Whitecross Road: 171.9p unleaded, 181.9p diesel

8. Texaco, Commercial Road: 172.9p unleaded, 179.9p diesel

9. Co-op, Holmer Road: 173.9p unleaded, 183.9p diesel

10. BP, The Straight Mile: 178.9p unleaded, 184.9p diesel