LIDL’S plans to demolish the Three Counties Hotel has left those living in the area concerned over what the new supermarket may bring.

Nathan Andrews lives behind the hotel and worries about the effect it will have on the traffic, green space and the noise it will bring, if planners give the go-ahead.

“I live at the back of this hotel and have enjoyed the peaceful surroundings for many, many years,” he said in an objection to Herefordshire Council.

“The daily traffic congestion on the A465 Belmont Road is already ridiculous and adding another supermarket on this notorious road would be a complete and utter nightmare.”


If given the go-ahead, the hotel would be demolished and replaced with a Lidl, with a right-turn lane added to Belmont Road to deal with around 2,500 two-way car trips every day.

“There are already three supermarkets on this road and we do not need another,” said Mr Andrews.

This includes Tesco at the top of Belmont Road.

He also shared concern for the number of accidents that he said have happened in the road and at the entrance to McDonald’s drive-thru, which sits next to the hotel.

“There would clearly be noise pollution from deliveries and bright lighting additional vehicles would impact on our homes locally which would cause us and our immediate neighbour’s unnecessary disturbance,” he said.

Mr Andrews was also alarmed at the prospect of the hotel being demolished.


“We would have a loss of our privacy and more of the lovely green space from the hotel gardens would disappear.

“I cannot believe this is even being considered to be honest and I sincerely hope that the planning department refuse this absurd application and any appeals that follow.”

Other residents also shared their concerns for the potential traffic congestion.

Gay Cross said: “The A465 can not cope with any more extra traffic, we should be looking at ways to reduce the traffic on the A465 until then and no more supermarkets in the Hereford area.”

Rachel Metcalfe said: “As a Belmont resident, who already has to endure severe and often very stressful traffic congestion on a daily basis in Belmont Road, I have serious concerns about the negative impact that this development would have, both in terms of additional traffic flow and higher levels of air pollution into the area.”