WELL done to the councillor for bringing to our attention the cost of the planters on the Link Road in Hereford.

£570,191 to welcome visitors.

I had to read it twice for it to register!

John Harrington has suggested, given his way, that the new central reservation will be dug up later to make way for his cycle track.


Why deciduous trees?

Visitors come and go but we want to encourage them to return in the depths of winter too.

The residents of this once beautiful city need the morale

and mental health of their everyday enhanced by the planting of much less expensive large evergreen shrubs to enjoy when the dark days of winter are upon us.

Blue, green and golden conifers would have a much-needed impact.

The whole thing lacks artistic horticultural flair and imagination, not just for summer but for the whole year.

I wonder what Elgar would have thought if he was alive today.

I envisage him sat on the bar of his bike pondering on his kingdom and dreaming of his Gerontius as he recuperates after pedalling to see his sister in Stoke Prior having fallen off his bike a few times swerving to miss the potholes along the way.

On his return he hobbles up the grime and vomit-ridden unwashed streets of the city, hoping to find a lavatory that’s open as he visits the cathedral before going home to Plas Gwyn.


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