THIS week I, like thousands of others, had a tooth taken out at an emergency dentist after days of agonising pain.

I knew there was an issue, but I have no registered dentist

There is not a single dentist in Herefordshire that is taking on NHS patients without a referral, and many not taking on NHS patients at all.

The pain struck on a weekend, NHS 111 offered no help beyond “take paracetamol and call a dentist on Monday”.


On Monday I called the emergency dentist at 9am.

When I get through, all appointments were booked.

By chance Ross emergency dentist still had appointments.

After an hour and a half round trip, I returned to Hereford minus £30 and one tooth, one tooth that could have been saved had I had access to a dentist earlier.

If you like me think we should all have access to a dentist drop me a line at



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