A HEREFORDSHIRE councillor says she was "really concerned" after hearing of a car crash hotspot at the junction of two main roads.

Reports on social media and to Coun Ellie Chowns highlighted a number of crashes at the junction of the Hereford to Worcester road and the Bromyard to Ledbury road, at the bottom of Fromes Hill.

Several times over recent months cars have been seen in the ditch at the end of the road from Ledbury, having overshot the junction and crashes – with one local saying "it's a fatal accident waiting to happen".

One of the issues, Green Party councillor Ellie Chowns said, was a missing give way sign on the B4214 from Ledbury, which has since been replaced.


It led to cars not stopping at the junction with the A4103.

"Road safety has been a key issue for me locally in the past month," Coun Chowns said in her regular column for the Frome Valley News.

"At my January ward surgery, a couple of residents came to see me about the A4103/B4214 junction, where there have been several incidents recently where cars coming from Ledbury have not stopped at the junction and have overshot and ended up in the ditch on the other side.

"I was really concerned to hear about this and immediately went to inspect the location.

"I asked Balfour Beatty to replace the missing give way sign and to take other measures to improve the junction."

But even with the new give way sign, Coun Chowns said more still needs to be done.

She wants to see the "directional signs on the north side of the junction" replaced, and an extra give way sign 100 yards from the junction, on the Ledbury side.


Coun Chowns said she was "continuing to chase" on the issues, with one person living in her Bishop's Frome and Cradley ward saying it was only time before someone was killed.

After counting six crashes in a short space of time, Jane Clueit said on Coun Chowns's Facebook page: "The addition of rumble strips could also help considerably.

"The frequency of accidents happening now is just ridiculous and it’s sadly a fatal accident waiting to happen.

"If the council could assist in additional warning of the upcoming junction on approach from Ledbury direction it would greatly reduce the risk of more incidents happening in the future.

"It really is just a matter of time until someone is seriously hurt or worse."