AFTER seeing so much negative comments about the hospital I wanted to share my thoughts. 

Hereford County Hospital is amazing.


I was taken to hospital last year when I fell at home and the care I had from the A&E department all the way to Arrow Ward was amazing: the X-ray staff, A&E team and AMU, where I had a short stay, were amazing.

Covid has taken its troll in the staff and people need to remember they are human at the end of the day.

When I was in AMU I asked for a commode and the lovely nurse went to get one, but in the meantime the emergency bell went so she was gone for a while.

She came back later and was so upset she couldn’t help me, and I said it’s ok they needed you more, I’m alive and breathing.

People forget someone is worse off than you.

I can’t thank the hospital more. They are amazing.  

Robin James

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