I WAS really upset to read of the extreme abuse our GP surgery receptionists and staff have been suffering, causing one to resign.


In October I spent 17 nights in Hereford Hospital, and through A&E and beyond I saw posters all showing the slogan: 'We are here to help. Not to be hurt'.

Our Kington-based district nurses, who are now treating me at home, tell me that abuse is not unknown to them, even on their rounds of very personal home visits.

In my note of thanks to the Monnow Ward staff I used a carefully chosen and very personal phrase, the Angels of


I appreciated everything that was done for me, aware that sometimes I waited as there was almost certainly someone whose needs were more urgent than mine.

We are all adults, and patience has to be the reality of our

current situation under Covid and whatever.

When I typed this (October 29), Hereford hospital was closed to visitors due to Covid and norovirus, yet we know the staff were still there working, under very significant personal risk, to help people like us.

You offenders know who you are, and you should be ashamed of yourselves.

And grow up!