I agree democracy can be so disappointing Peter Barron (Letters, October 28).

I am reminded of that every time our prime minister opens his mouth.

Still I must continue to stand up for what I believe in, and use the political system that we have (sadly without proportional representation) to pursue that, alongside all the other opportunities democracy offers me.


I grew up somewhere where many people did not have a vote – to suggest withholding it sounds like a travesty, please don’t.

Sadly, the time for the western bypass serving an enormous housing estate is over. We now know too much to take that road.

We have to use our creative genius and be smarter about the decisions we make, bearing in mind that we have an obligation to leave something for future generations before we selfishly trash the lot.

Enormous structural changes to how we move, think,and everything we do are what’s required.

As someone who got so fed up with democracy as it was and decided to stand up for what I believe, stick my head above the parapet in local government (what sane person does that?) all I see around me are people working really hard to find solutions for all the conundrums we find ourselves in – including transport and leaky houses – which make up the overwhelming majority of Herefordshire’s carbon emissions. 

The political coalition we have working together in Herefordshire is the closest thing we will get to proportional representation – a group of the most unlikely people working together, who are properly prioritising the environment alongside economy and community, because that is what any sensible leaders need to do.

By all means vote us off next time – that’s what democracy is all about.

The problems will remain the same.

Toni Fagan
Green Party
Herefordshire Coalition

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