Bypass or no bypass?

Surely, the only people that don't know the glaringly obvious answer to that question are the same people who have failed the people of Hereford and neighbouring counties for the past 20 years.

This is not an environmental issue, it's not a funding issue, it's not a political party issue.

What this is is a total and utter failure on the part of every single member of this and previous administrations.

Head-in-the-sand stupidity for which there can be no excuse.

A bypass has been needed for 20 years. It's needed now, and it will be needed more than ever over the next 20 years.

For God's sake wake up, put your citizens' wishes before your own prejudices, put the needs of the city before your own deluded ideals and get the thing built.

If those in power continue to fail as badly as their predecessors my suggestion to voters is for every single person to boycott future elections as a protest of no confidence in all of them.

Peter Barron
Richards Castle

  • Would you be willingt to boycott local elections if a bypass is not built for Hereford? Have your say HERE